Things related to being named Alvin Alexander

One thing about being named Alvin Alexander is that I’ve been called Al, Alvin, Alex, and Alexander by various people lately. I don’t mind any of them, but I laugh at Alex because I used that as a fake name when I traveled to Alaska in 2007 and 2010. (I was also known as Ken in Alaska.)

One thing about specifically being named Alvin is that when people are happy with me they call me Al, and when they’re unhappy they tend to yell, “Alvin!” I don’t know if that’s just a chipmunk thing or if everyone with a multi-syllable first name goes through it, but I’ve noticed that as well.

Key and Peele East/West College Bowl 2, list of names

Yes football fans, it’s that time of year again. Key & Peele have released their list of names for the East-West College Bowl 2. Once again I jotted down the list of names from the video, and included them below, after the video. Enjoy!

Key & Peele: East/West College Bowl Game #2 (video)

First up, here’s the video:

Key and Peele East/West College Bowl, list of names

I don't watch much television, but my nephew and nieces keep sending me URLs to Key and Peele videos, including the recent (2012) East/West College Bowl video.

As we sent emails back and forth, laughing about the names they came up with and which one we'd want to be, I decided to jot down the list of names they used in the video, and without any further ado, here are the names.

Scala Map class examples - mapping month numbers to names

Nothing too earth shattering here today, but if you need an example of the Scala Map class syntax (how to create a Scala Map), or just want to copy and paste a map of month names to numbers (or numbers to names), I hope the following code is helpful:

AppleScript tip: legal variables names

Variable names in AppleScript are pretty flexible, especially when compared to other languages. Variable names can consist of letters, numbers, and underscores, with the only limits being (1) the first character in the name can't be a number, and (2) the name itself must be less than about 250 characters (I don't know the exact limit, but you really don't want variable names anywhere near that length limit).