How to implement user authentication in a Play Framework application

Table of Contents1 - Resources2 - A custom user authentication action3 - Use that action in your controller methods4 - A sample form5 - Setting the user login cookie6 - Discussion

This past week I started working with the Play Framework (version 2.6), and this is a quick look at how to implement user authentication in a Play application. Specifically this blog post focuses on how to create a custom action so you can secure your Play controllers methods, where you’ll implement those methods using this new, custom action.

Mom, look what OpenSSO did to my Login Use Case

My normal Login Use Case -- and what OpenSSO did to it.

When I first start working on a new project, it's often hard to get customers to talk about a new web application. They tend to vaguely know what they want, but when I ask them specific questions things can come to a grinding halt. It's like they realize they need a software application, and they've thought it through partially, but they just don't know how to get started.