Java xeyes - Follow the mouse cursor location outside a JFrame

A Java xeyes solution - I started working on my Java speech recognition app again today, and in the process I saw some source code I thought I should post here. When I was developing this app, I thought it would fun to put a GUI on it, and when I thought about what sort of GUI it should have, I thought of the old X-Windows xeyes app. I looked around to see if anyone had written a "Java xeyes" application, but from what I've seen, nobody has.

Java - Getting the mouse cursor location (current mouse position)

Java mouse cursor location FAQ: How do I get the location of the mouse (mouse cursor) in Java?

I just ran into this problem in my Java Robot programming, and the short answer is, to get the current mouse cursor location/position, use the getPointerInfo method of the java.awt.MouseInfo class, like this:

Point p = MouseInfo.getPointerInfo().getLocation();

A custom Java mouse cursor that displays the mouse XY coordinates

Java mouse FAQ: How do I create a custom Java mouse cursor (mouse pointer)?

For my Java/Swing XY mouse position/coordinates application I finally dug into Swing and figured out how to create a Java mouse cursor that shows the X/Y position (coordinates) of the mouse cursor at any moment in time. I can't figure the right way to word that, so it may not make sense, but hopefully this picture of what I've done will help demonstrate my custom Java mouse cursor:

Java - custom mouse cursor - show X/Y coordinates/position/location

A collection of JDialog tutorials and examples alvin February 3, 2010 - 5:45am

Still organizing things around here, and here is a list of JDialog tutorials and examples I have created:

How to center a Java JDialog alvin January 9, 2010 - 9:40am

Java/Swing FAQ: How do I center a JDialog?

Answer: The answer here really depends on what you mean by "center". If you really want to center a JDialog on screen, you can use code like this:

// center a jdialog on screen
JDialog d = new JDialog();
d.setSize(400, 300);

By calling setLocationRelativeTo with null, the JDialog will be centered.

How to center a JFrame on screen

I'm often asked, "How do I center a JFrame on screen?", or, "Is there a method to center a JFrame?"

I always center my initial JFrame on screen using the setLocationRelativeTo method, and pass it a null reference. As the Javadoc for setLocationRelativeTo method states:

How to move iPhone application (app) icons around

iPhone apps FAQ: How do I move iPhone apps or app icons? (Related: How do I move iPod or iPad app icons?)

I'm a relatively new owner of an Apple iPhone 3G, and last night, quite by accident, I learned how to move iPhone apps (applications) from one place to another on the iPhone screen. The technique to move an iPhone app is a bit of fun; here's how you do it.