A simple secret to running a great meeting

“When I enter the interview room, 
I vow with all beings to trust my innate gumption 
and simply say it or do it.”

Zen Master Robert Aitken

As a consultant, you're expected to run a professional business meeting. In the few minutes before a meeting starts you can be as nice as you want, ask your client how his kids are doing and so on, but once the meeting starts it should be as quick and efficient as possible.

The “secret” to making a meeting snappy is very simple:

The reward in the struggle to find purpose

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” ~ Buddha

Growing up, I used to envy those people who seemed to be shot out of the womb with a purpose, like they always knew what they wanted to do. But these days I think there’s a great reward in the struggle to find that purpose.

(I seriously doubt that the Buddha actually said that, but hey, it sounds impressive, whoever said it.)

Before I die, there will be hearts touched by my spirit

“My purpose is to serve humanity ... every day is a battlefield ... if you fight with anger, you’re part of the problem, if you fight with joy, you’re a solution. You have to have conviction, ‘Before I die, there will be hearts touched by my spirit.’”

~ Carlos Santana