Notes on how to update a Drupal 8 website with Drush and Composer

The process of updating a Drupal 8 website changed dramatically back in March-April, 2018, so I deleted the older content on this page and replaced it with the content below.

As of April, 2018 you now need to use Composer along with Drush to update your website. Here are my very brief notes on how to do this:

How to upgrade a Drupal 6 website to Drupal 8 (how to try)

I’m currently trying to upgrade a Drupal 6 website to Drupal 8, but the process has been slow-going so far. I’ll explain the problems and workarounds in this article as I learn them.

So far I have been able to get a Drupal 6 website with 7,000+ nodes and 18,000+ URL aliases converted to the point that I can now see all of the old blog posts on the Drupal 8 site, and I’ve also started theming the Drupal 8 website.

Setting the Drupal front page node

Drupal front page FAQ: How do I make a Drupal page (node) the front page of my Drupal website?

Drupal front page approaches

There are several ways to control the content of your Drupal front page, but if you just want to use a Drupal node as the front page of your site, you can set this on the Site Information admin page.

Number of employees at 'web' companies

A friend of mine was at a search engine strategies conference last week, and sent me these employment numbers, which are really staggering:

  1. Skype has 200 employees
  2. YouTube has 60 employees
  3. Craigslist has 20 employees

(I think those numbers came from Nicholas Carr, but I'm not positive.)

I would have guessed at numbers much higher than those. Hopefully that makes everyone at YouTube a billionaire, or at least a millionaire. is my favorite website of the moment. I love the idea of essentially unrelated people -- arguably experts in their fields -- sharing ideas. In a lot of ways the more diverse the topics the more I like it.