Best thing I’ve done to eliminate comments spam in Drupal 8

After trying a lot of different anti-spam modules with Drupal 8, the best thing I’ve ever done to reduce comment spam is to go to the Drupal admin /admin/structure/types/manage/blog/fields URI, click Edit on the Comments field, and then select the “Anonymous posters may not enter their contact information.” Since I chose that option two days ago I’ve only had one spammy comment show up in my approval list. That field gave spammers a simple way to enter a URL, and without it, the spam seems to have dried up.

Disabling Drupal 8 page caching significantly increases CPU use

As I noted five days ago, Mollom went out of business so I had to switch this Drupal 8 website to use a different module to control comment spam. I ended up adding two modules that work together, but the side effect of using their best features is that they end up disabling Drupal 8 page caching. This image clearly shows the result that disabling page caching has on CPU use.

Mollom CAPTCHA service review

Summary: This is a review of the Mollom CAPTCHA service, based on our experiences using Mollom with Drupal here on the website.

When I switched this website over to Drupal about three weeks ago, I knew I also needed to find a good Drupal CAPTCHA tool to deal with both comment spam (also known as "comment form spam") and contact spam (contact form spam). After digging around a little bit, Mollom seemed like it might be a good tool, especially since both Drupal and Mollom were both created by the same author, Dries Buytaert.