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Michael Piller: Write just six pages a day

One more quote from Michael Piller’s book, Fade In. I think I read that Stephen King and other writers write a similar amount, usually five to ten pages a day. Many beginning writers try to sit down and write an entire book at once, but it’s important to know that writing is more of an endurance contest, not a sprint. Also, when you get tired not only does your productivity drop, but your creativity plummets.

Michael Piller’s “safe room” for writers

This is a great quote about writing as a team. It comes from Michael Piller’s book, Fade In.

As I mentioned yesterday, the book is not available in print, but you can find a PDF or Word doc of it on the internet. Mr. Piller died in 2005, and for some reason the book was never printed, but was released electronically. If it was in print, I’d buy a copy, as I suspect many Star Trek fans would.

Gene Roddenberry, iPad inventor?

Did Gene Roddenberry and other Star Trek designers create iPad-like devices many years ago? No need to say much here, just check out all these "Star Trek iPad" images, and see what you think. First, the iPad as seen by Star Trek - Next Generation designers:

Star Trek iPad device 2

Hmm, no keyboard in that first one. Must have used multi-touch.

No keyboard here either: