Mac Stickies backups - the Stickies database file location

Mac Stickies backup FAQ: I want to make sure my Mac Stickies are backed up; where are the Mac Stickies files (or database) located?

As I wrote about in an earlier article on How to save Mac Stickies, Mac Stickies (sticky notes) are saved in one database file. This file is named StickiesDatabase, and it's located in the Library folder of your home directory.

As an example, my home directory is named /Users/Al, and my Mac Stickies database file is located in this directory:

Saving Mac Stickies, the StickiesDatabase file, and syncing

Mac Stickies FAQ: Can I save Mac Stickies? If so, how? Also, is there any way to sync Mac Stickies between multiple computers?

This Mac Stickies question goes from simple to bizarre faster than any Mac FAQ I've ever been asked. I'll walk you through what I just learned, so please bear with me, answers are in here.

Mac Stickies and the Stickies widget

In a previous tip I discussed how to create a Mac sticky note from inside a Cocoa application, but I forgot to mention about how to use stickies as a standalone application.

Fortunately, it's pretty easy. Just open your Applications folder, and click the Stickies application icon. Once the Stickies application is started, just click File, and New Note to create a new sticky note, or press [Command][N].

Mac Stickies (and easily saving content)

I just learned about Mac Stickies, and they're pretty cool. If you're in a Cocoa application (like Safari, TextMate, and others) you can select text and/or graphics, and then easily save the content to a sticky note on your Mac desktop. To save the content you can either (a) remember the [Command][Shift][Y] keystroke, or else (b) click the application menu item (i.e., the "Safari" menu item if you're using Safari), then Services, then Make New Sticky Note.

The picture below shows what a Mac sticky note looks like when it's created on the desktop.