A collection of Gnuplot examples

I needed to use Gnuplot a little bit over the last few days, mostly to create 2D line charts, and these are my brief notes on how to get started with Gnuplot. If you haven’t used it before, it’s a pretty amazing tool.

Jumping right in ...

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Installing gnuplot

Use MacPorts or Homebrew to install Gnuplot on Mac OS X systems:

port install gnuplot
brew install gnuplot
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Sample data files

My examples use the following 2-column and 4-column data files:

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Android - ActionBar (and menu) not showing up when using FragmentActivity

I just ran into an Android problem where neither my ActionBar or menu were showing up. I was trying to create my menu in a FragmentActivity, and in short, you can’t do that. You need to change the FragmentActivity to an ActionBarActivity, which (fortunately) is a subclass of FragmentActivity. A necessary side effect of this is that you end up importing a lot of support library classes, like this:

Setting the Mac Terminal titlebar to the current working directory

I often work with multiple Mac Terminal tabs open, and as a result I like to set the title in the titlebar to whatever I’m working on in each tab (such as “MONGO” or “PLAY”), so I wrote a little script named settitle to let me set the title in the titlebar from the Unix command line.

More recently I realized I was often setting the title to the uppercase version of the current directory. I came up with this command pipeline (I like to call them “mashups”) to do easily do that:

How to set the Mac OS X Terminal title | Mac Terminal titlebar

I like to set the title (titlebar) on the Mac OS X Terminal application so I can tell one tab from another. For instance, I may have the Play Framework running in one tab, SBT in another, Git in another, etc. Setting the title on each Terminal tab makes my life a little easier.

To set the Terminal title, I use a script I’ve named settitle:

Drupal - How to modify the node/page title for a custom content type

Drupal content type FAQ: How do I modify the node title for the "create" form when I add a new content type?

For my How I Sold My Business website, I added a new, custom content type named "Charity". This allows people who have bought my book to suggest a charity. The problem with this is that I want the Charity node title (also referred to as a "page title") to say "Suggest a Charity", not the default "Create Charity".

JFrame examples and tutorials (collection)

Today is organization day for me, and in an effort to organize everything I've ever written about a Java JFrame, here is a collection of links to all my Java JFrame examples and tutorials.

JFrame title - how to set the JFrame title

JFrame title FAQ: How do I set the title of a JFrame?


There are two ways to set the JFrame title.

First, you can set the JFrame title when you construct your JFrame, like this:

How to put a custom title on a Windows command window

I'm currently working on a suite of Java and Ruby applications that, in short, require me to keep a number of Microsoft Windows command/cmd (DOS) windows open at one time. Because of this, I like for each command/DOS window to have a unique, custom name in its title bar.

Fortunately, it's easy to open a DOS command window with a custom name in the title bar. First, just open a DOS window (click Start, then Run..., then enter "cmd"), then type a command like this: