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How to change the Mac Terminal title from the command line

Mac Terminal FAQ: How can I change the title on the Mac Terminal app from the Mac/Unix command line?

I've been working on a project where I have three Mac Terminal tabs open at one time, and I found it was much easier to work this way when I changed the title on each Terminal window. This helped me easily identify what I was doing in each Terminal window.

Changing the Mac Terminal title

The basic escape sequence you need to change the Terminal title from the command line is this:

How to put a custom title on a Windows command window

I'm currently working on a suite of Java and Ruby applications that, in short, require me to keep a number of Microsoft Windows command/cmd (DOS) windows open at one time. Because of this, I like for each command/DOS window to have a unique, custom name in its title bar.

Fortunately, it's easy to open a DOS command window with a custom name in the title bar. First, just open a DOS window (click Start, then Run..., then enter "cmd"), then type a command like this: