Setting the Mac Terminal titlebar to the current working directory

I often work with multiple Mac Terminal tabs open, and as a result I like to set the title in the titlebar to whatever I’m working on in each tab (such as “MONGO” or “PLAY”), so I wrote a little script named settitle to let me set the title in the titlebar from the Unix command line.

More recently I realized I was often setting the title to the uppercase version of the current directory. I came up with this command pipeline (I like to call them “mashups”) to do easily do that:

How to set the MacOS Terminal title | Mac Terminal titlebar

I like to set the title (titlebar) on the Mac OS X Terminal application so I can tell one tab from another. For instance, I may have the Play Framework running in one tab, SBT in another, Git in another, etc. Setting the title on each Terminal tab makes my life a little easier.

To set the Terminal title, I use a script I’ve named settitle:

How to put a custom title on a Windows command window

I'm currently working on a suite of Java and Ruby applications that, in short, require me to keep a number of Microsoft Windows command/cmd (DOS) windows open at one time. Because of this, I like for each command/DOS window to have a unique, custom name in its title bar.

Fortunately, it's easy to open a DOS command window with a custom name in the title bar. First, just open a DOS window (click Start, then Run..., then enter "cmd"), then type a command like this:

Windows title bar - setting the title of a Windows command session

I don't know exactly how I'm supposed to be able to control the text that appears in the titlebar of a Command prompt window in Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but I've figured out something that kind of sort of works. Just follow these steps: