How to enable a physical Android device (phone or tablet) for development and debugging alvin June 14, 2017 - 7:28pm

To enable a physical Android hardware device (phone or tablet) for developing and debugging your apps with Android Studio, follow these steps.

1) Enable “Developer Options”

The first thing you have to do with a new Android device is to enable the developer options in the Settings app. To do this:

How to access a USB drive while in Mac single-user mode

Warning: This article is about trying to accomplish some things in Mac single-user mode when your system is in trouble. In this article I assume that you're an experienced Unix administrator, so I don't bother to explain each command. If you don't know what the commands in this article do, don't use them, just take your Mac to an Apple store or Mac dealer. Be careful with all of these steps.

A Mac Olympus DS-30 review

Mac Olympus DS-30 review: Here's my quick take on the Olympus DS-30, from the perspective of a Mac user.

If anyone is looking at an Olympus DS-30 voice recorder, and wondering if it will work with Mac OS X (in particular for making podcasts), the answer is both yes and no (with a little extra emphasis on the "no").