An initial thought when taking the time to create a new app or utility

Sometimes when I embark on little projects like my Scala file-find command, I think, “This is a waste of time, the existing tools are good enough.” But then, if I’m motivated enough — if I really want something — I think, “But I can use this better tool for the rest of my life...”

I just released the file-find command four days ago, and I use it almost every day while learning Flutter and Dart, so I think it’s going to be well worth it.

Some Java file utilities

As a bit of warning, this is some old Java code, but if you want to create your own Java file utilities (utility methods), this code might help you get started:

Mac keystrokes and keyboard utilities

After responding to a recent comment about how to map keys/keystrokes on an Apple/Mac keyboard, I thought I'd share a list of Mac keyboard utilities I found. But first, before looking at paying for Mac utilities for your keyboard/keystroke mapping, it's important to know that you can perform some keyboard mapping functions using System Preferences. Just follow these steps:

Java HTML character conversion method

Here's the source code for a Java method that converts a given String into an equivalent new String, where characters that cause problems when rendered as HTML have been converted to their ISO Latin equivalent:

Perl file example - A program to extract lines from a file

After trying some other approaches, I finally create a Perl program to extract lines from the middle of a file. Just give it the line number to start at, and a second line number to stop at, and this Perl program will print all the lines from the file in that range.

The source code for this Perl program is shown below.

Sample usage:

extract.pl 500 1000 myBigFile > smallerFile

Here's the code for extract.pl: