Preventing the Mac Defender trojan

From everything I've read on Apple's discussion forums, the Mac Defender trojan/virus can only be installed on your Mac OS X system under the following circumstances:

Removing the Mac Defender trojan

From what I've read on the Apple discussion forums, here's how you delete the Mac Defender trojan from your system.

Mac Defender trojan (virus) information

It looks like reports of the "Mac Defender" trojan/virus/malware are the real deal. Several Apple discussion forums related to the Mac Defender trojan (it's not a virus) have several thousands page-views and hundreds of comments. You can find these threads by searching Google with this query:

Kneber BotNet infects Windows systems alvin February 18, 2010 - 9:24am

I just read nearly a dozen reports on the Kneber BotNet, and none of the reports mention it, but this BotNet only affects Microsoft Windows computer systems. According to the actual NetWitness report, the top five Windows systems affected are variants of Windows XP (Home and Professional, SP 2 and 3), and Vista Home (SP 0, 1, and 2).

Being a good person is good business

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Free Public WiFi

While traveling the other day I was looking for some free wireless internet access, and when I looked in the Wireless/AirPort menu on my MacBook Pro I noticed the usual listing of publicly broadcasting wi-fi networks in the top part of the menu, but then under the "Devices" portion of the menu I noticed an entry labeled "Free Public WiFi". For a brief moment that sounded like what I needed, but then the alarms in my head went off, as it sounded more like a trap, something like the typical worm/virus/hacker/phishing setup.

Group hugs and Microsoft bounties (Thu, Nov 6, 2003) alvin November 6, 2003 - 6:21am

For strange humor and maybe true confessions -- and nothing to do with programming -- has become a favorite site lately. Almost makes me want to write something of my own, like "I hate to admit it, but I am an SCO Advanced Certified Engineer (ACE) and Authorized Instructor." If nothing else, at least that was in the days when SCO was just a slow-moving technical company, and not just a group of lawyers trying to make money.