Enlightenment is like a free fall

“Enlightenment is like a free fall. It’s like falling off a cliff that never ends, and you’ve acclimatized to it.”

~ Shinzen Young, in this video

Some RxJava example source code (Hackers at Cambridge tutorials)

I recently watched the three Hackers at Cambridge Introduction to RxJava videos, and coded along with them. If you’re interested in some example RxJava code, here’s what I typed in.

The first thing you do is create a new Gradle/Java project with these commands:

mkdir MyProject
cd MyProject
gradle init --type java-application

With that project created you can begin creating some Java/RxJava code.

Interviews with Jeff Bezos and James Comey

Here’s a great 1999 interview with Jeff Bezos on YouTube. And here’s a transcript of an interview with James Comey, where he says, “so much of what I’ve tried to do as a leader is guardrail around what I think my weaknesses are. Really important to me that I avoid the danger — which I think all humans have, but I know I have — of falling in love with my own view of things, my own righteousness.”

Great tablet stand

If you like to watch movies and videos on your tablet, this tablet stand is very cool. The up-and-down rotation is nice and stiff, so you can set it at any angle, and it has rubber cushions in the right places to keep your tablet from sliding or getting damaged. I just bought this a few days ago, and it’s a definite “thumbs up.” It works great with my Nexus 9, and an old iPad 2 (that I only use for music these days).

(I show it next to an apple because the shiny images on Amazon may give you the impression that it’s larger.)

Apple TV suggestion - Get a MacMini instead

Apple TV vs MacMini: I just had an interesting conversation with a friend interested in buying an Apple TV. I told her I'd never buy one, not in its current state. With few exceptions, everything you do on the AppleTV is just going to cost you more money.

Want to watch a movie on Apple TV? Pay up.

Want to watch a tv show on Apple TV? Pay up.

Want to put a DVD you already own (or just rented) in an Apple TV? Sorry, no DVD slot.

GUI testing of the Google Chrome browser

Yesterday I created a short YouTube video demonstration of "GUI regression tests" against the Google Chrome browser, using my Agile GUI Testing software. This video is a little more than two minutes long, and demonstrates some simple GUI regression tests on the Chrome browser, in the format of a presentation.

As mentioned, the Chrome browser tests shown in that video are completely automated, using my Agile GUI Testing software (AGT).

Number of employees at 'web' companies

A friend of mine was at a search engine strategies conference last week, and sent me these employment numbers, which are really staggering:

  1. Skype has 200 employees
  2. YouTube has 60 employees
  3. Craigslist has 20 employees

(I think those numbers came from Nicholas Carr, but I'm not positive.)

I would have guessed at numbers much higher than those. Hopefully that makes everyone at YouTube a billionaire, or at least a millionaire.