How to copy the macOS Terminal path to the clipboard

If you want to copy the current macOS Terminal path to the clipboard, you can do it with this simple command:

$ pwd | pbcopy

pwd prints the path to STDOUT, and pbcopy reads that and copies it to the macOS clipboard. Once the path is on the clipboard you can paste it into your other applications.

Of course you can also create an alias, like this:

alias path="pwd | pbcopy"

How to copy text from the MacOS Terminal to the clipboard

If you ever need to copy text (or a text file) from the MacOS Terminal to the Mac clipboard, I can confirm that the macOS pbcopy command works. It reads from STDIN and copies the text to the clipboard, so commands like these work:

$ echo "foo bar baz" | pbcopy

$ cat /etc/passwd | pbcopy

AlPad - A simple “scratchpad” editor

Over the course of a few hours this past week I created a little “scratchpad” text editor I named AlPad. It’s gone through several names, but since I’m just writing it for me, the name seems appropriate.

It’s not really correct to call AlPad an “editor”; it’s really just an app where I can keep a collection of miscellaneous notes I usually make when I’m working. It has very few features, just some ones I want and can implement easily:

Java: How to copy an image to the clipboard

Java Swing clipboard FAQ: How do I copy an image to the clipboard in a Java/Swing application?

Last night I needed to do just this, get an image that I'm currently displaying in a Java JFrame, and copy that image to the clipboard. I won't discuss the solution here too much, other than to say that in the example source code below, a MetaFrame is a customized subclass of a JFrame, and when I call the getCurrentImage() function, it simply returns a Java Image type.

Here's the source code:

Java: How to get an image off the system clipboard

Java clipboard FAQ: How do I get an image off the clipboard using Java?

I guess timing is everything ... I just received this Java clipboard question as I am working on a Java Swing application that does a lot of graphics and image work, so I have a little source code here I can share.

vim copy and paste commands

vim copy and paste FAQ: How do I copy and paste in vim (the vi or vim editor)?

In this short vi/vim tutorial I thought I'd share the most common vim copy and paste commands I use on a daily basis. I've been using vi (and vim) for almost 20 years now (wow), and these are the most common copy/paste commands I use.

macOS AppleScript example: Display clipboard contents in a dialog

AppleScript clipboard FAQ: Can you demonstrate an AppleScript clipboard example, such as displaying the Mac OS X clipboard contents in an AppleScript dialog?

One of the crazy things about AppleScript is how easy it is to get the contents of the clipboard, and then display them in a dialog. Here's an AppleScript clipboard dialog example that does just that:

display dialog (the clipboard)

Yep, that's it, just one line of text. Put this AppleScript code in your own ScriptEditor and run it, and you'll see it display the clipboard contents.