Things I don’t like about Facebook today (June, 2019)

I was writing with a friend about Facebook, and realized how much I dislike because (a) they don’t let me control my own timeline — not surprisingly, humans don’t like to be controlled by algorithms — and (b) you definitely get the feeling that you’re a piece of meat and they’re trying to sell you. If they were perceived as a kind, benevolent company that didn’t constantly force their version of “what’s important” on people, people might use it more.

This is a page from my book, “A Survival Guide for New Consultants”


“Grasshopper, know yourself, and never fear thus
to be naked to the eyes of others.
Yet know that man so often masks himself.”

From the Kung Fu tv series

I’m a technical person. I was trained as an Aerospace Engineer, and taught myself to be a computer programmer and systems architect. I don’t really like small talk. I’m an introvert, not a networker. I don’t like networking at all. I don’t even like the word “networking.”

This is a page from my book, “A Survival Guide for New Consultants”

What’s your brand?

“My legacy, what will it be?
Flowers in the spring,
the cuckoo in the summer,
and the crimson maples of autumn.”


When you own a business, you’ll eventually think about the question, “What is my brand?” That is, when people think of your business, what do you want them to think?

The brand at every software consulting company I’ve run is this:

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“What is the color of the wind?”

A Zen koan