Software development process standard operating procedures

Some long time ago I was working on a large software development project, and I wasn’t happy with either the quality or the velocity of our programming effort. So one night I sat down and tried to work out an activity diagram to show what our software development process needed to be, to improve both speed and quality. It turns out that a lot of this is just common sense, but for some reason or another team members would try to circumvent the process, which always led to more pain for everyone involved.

What do you enjoy about programming?

Seibel: What do you enjoy about programming?

Peyton Jones: For me, part of what makes programming fun is trying to write programs that have an intellectual integrity to them ... so I think a good attribute of a good programmer is they try to find a beautiful solution.

Good programmer interview questions to ask

I don’t know the original source of this image, but the questions are good. I usually ask the “Typical day” or “Typical week” question. When I’m talking to the person I’ll be working for, I also ask if they can describe their managerial style or philosophy. When it comes to software development, I also want to make sure they use source code control systems, can build their apps with one command, they write unit tests, etc.

12 Things Java Developers Should Know About Scala

In my spare time I’ve been working on a talk about “X Things Java Developers Should Know About Scala,” inspired by the “Ten things every Java programmer should know about Ruby” presentation. Currently I’m thinking there are a baker’s dozen things Java developers should know about Scala, and I’d organize them as follows.

(If I just show a slide below, that means I haven’t finished a video for that topic yet.)