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A Scala String chomp (or chop) function

Scala string FAQ: Does Scala have a String method like chomp or chop that you find in Perl?

If you're using Scala and want a string chomp or chop method that you're used to in languages like Perl to remove end of line characters, the stripLineEnd method will do what you want, as shown in the REPL:

The Vim end of line command

Vim FAQ: What is the Vim end of line command?

Short answer: The '$' key.

Longer answer: Use the '$' key in vim to move to the end of the current line. Also, you can use the '0' key (the number zero) to move to the beginning of the current line.

You can find these answers and many more in our Vim navigation video tutorial, and in our collection of Vim tutorials.

End of line caret position alvin May 17, 2002 - 4:31am

Or, what to do when you want the caret here: