Java BufferedReader examples

Java file FAQ: Can you share some examples of the Java BufferedReader class?

When it comes to reading character input streams, the Java BufferedReader class is extremely important, and I'll demonstrate this in several different source code examples.

Java file open, read, and write utilities

Java file utilities FAQ: Do you have any Java file utilities you can share?

As I was working on another Java/Swing application this weekend, I ran across my "Java file utilities" class, and I thought I'd share that class here today. It's nothing too major, but it does include Java methods that let you open, read, write, and copy files using Java.

A Java FileReader class example

Java file FAQ: Can you demonstrate how to use the Java FileReader class?

I have a number of examples on this site about how to read a file with Java, but I've never dug into it from the aspect of how and why to use a Java FileReader, so I thought I'd take a few moments and dig into the FileReader class in this article.

The Java FileReader class

The FileReader javadoc provides a nice introduction to the FileReader class:

How to open and read a text file in Java (FileReader, BufferedReader)

Java File I/O FAQ: How do I open a file and read text from it using Java? (Also written as, “How do I use the Java BufferedReader and FileReader classes to read from a text file?”)

Solution: Here’s a method taken from a Java class I wrote that shows how to open and read a file using the Java FileReader class. This uses the most recent Java syntax and classes.