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“When we choose to perform an activity, we make it a gift by dedicating our entire body-mind to it, by making it the only task we do in that moment. In that way, all activities are included in one, and all activities are unified. This is how our activity fills the universe, and how we express complete understanding in our work.”

(I don’t remember the source of this quote, but it sounds like something Shunryu Suzuki would say.)

This photo looks like a sunset to me, but it’s from a sunrise in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Sunrise in Virginia Beach, Virginia

In an effort to “Get rid of the crap,” I asked my editor if we could delete an entire chapter from the Scala Cookbook, and she said yes. I didn’t know if they’d allow that since the advance they paid me is based on a proposal of X chapters, but they’re all-in on just trying to create a good book, which is nice.

“Having a direct experience of seeing everything one looks at (including one’s own body) as moving subatomic particles alters the perception of ‘me’ and of the substantiality of what we regard as ‘normal’ reality.”

“The path is the goal.”

~ Gandhi

When life gives you cream, make a White Russian. Dude.

The Big Lebowski playing in Boulder, Colorado, 2011

I’m sitting here working this morning when I start to hear that familiar scratching, crawling sound outside. In a few moments, the squirrel’s head appears from the right side of the window. He’s hanging sideways, three stories off the ground, and looking in, about twelve inches from my face. It’s cold outside so I had the window closed, but I slide it open.

“Dude, Cheerios,” he says.

“Oh shoot, I forgot,” I say.

By the time I walk to the kitchen, get the box of Cheerios, and open the door to the deck, he’s already there, waiting.

The view from my home office

A short review of the Wizard of Oz.

A short review of the Wizard of Oz

Um, I’m pretty sure he plays tight end ...

Jake Butt, tight end

“Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.”

~ Dr. Seuss

Since my MCAS/MCAD symptoms got worse over the last few years, I’ve had several weird skin reactions to different things. This image shows a reaction I had to some tape after giving blood yesterday. The tape was on for about thirty minutes when I noticed it felt weird, and then I saw this when I took it off. It’s similar to another skin reaction I had to wearing a mala/bracelet back in March.

MCAS/MCAD: Skin reaction to tape after bloodwork

As a brief note, I knew that the sum function I wrote in my book on Scala and functional programming would return a wrong value if the sum of the integers in a list was greater than Int.MaxValue, and I was curious how the built-in sum method on lists handled the same problem. It turns out that it works in the same way.

So, if you need to sum a list of integers that may exceed Int.MaxValue, you might need to write a sum function that calculates and returns the sum as a Long. (The same is true for Float and Double.)

Scala: When the sum of a list is a very large number reports that the CIA has at least 137 AI “pilot projects” in the works.

The first snowfall of the season is underway here in Broomfield, Colorado.

First snowfall, Boulder, Colorado, October, 2017

Sometimes I think working with LaTeX is like sitting at the controls of the Nebuchadnezzar in The Matrix.

LaTeX and The Matrix

The first snowfall in the Boulder/Lousiville/Broomfield, Colorado area is expected tonight and tomorrow.

First snow, Boulder, Colorado, October, 2017

In general I try to avoid swearing these days, but sometimes you just need to get your point across. Meditate, let it go ... forgiveness is good for your heart, and good for your soul.*

* Forgiveness doesn’t mean you should be a carpet for others to walk on.

Let it go (meditate)

One thing I learned about being a full-time, at-home writer: people don’t respect your time. It’s like, “You’re a writer? Haha, that’s funny. Why don’t you come over and help me paint my house? I’m counting on you.” That sort of thing.