Learn Scala 3 The Fast Way (book)

I’ve been slowly working on a series of new Scala programming books, and today I’m proud to announce the first of these:

Learn Scala 3 The Fast Way! (book cover)

Starting today you can buy the PDF version of Learn Scala 3 The Fast Way! for just ten dollars — $10 (USD) — at this Gumroad.com URL.

A Scala 3 classroom in a book

As the book’s subtitle — Book 1: The Adventure Begins — implies, this is a book (a) for beginners, (b) for developers who are new to Scala 3, and (c) may be new to Scala in general.

The Gumroad URL has a lot of information about the book, so I don’t want to repeat all that here, but one thing I want to be clear about is that if we were in a classroom together, this is the way I would present the information to you. After the initial introductory material, you’d have your hands on the keyboard most of the time, working the examples and exercises.

What’s unique

The unique part of this book is that it’s geared towards helping you learn Scala 3 fast and also remembering what you learn. I’ve partially modeled it after the very successful book, A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript, and by that I mean:

  • I wrote the book as a series of small lessons, generally just 2 or 3 pages long each
  • The lessons are presented in the order I would present them if we were in a classroom together
  • Every lesson includes examples in the Github repository, and almost every lesson has online exercises
  • Both the examples and exercises will help you remember what you have learned

The online exercises in particular are intended to help you retain what you learn. I encourage readers to go directly from the end of a lesson to the exercises. The exercises present the material in a different way, which I believe will reinforce your learning.

The end of the book also includes several small example applications and scripts that help to demonstrate what you’ve learned in the book.

Free preview

If you’d like to see what the book is like before buying it, here’s a link to a free preview of the PDF:

If you like what you see, you can buy the full book here on Gumroad.com.

Kindle and Paperback versions

September 11, 2022 update: The Amazon Kindle version is now available here:

and the paperback is now available here:


The exercises for the book are available here:

The examples for the book are online here:

They can all be run with Scala CLI, or the Scala SDK.

My other books

If you are interested, these are the other books that I have written about Scala and functional programming:

“Functional Programming, Simplified” is what I call my Big FP Book, and “Learn Functional Programming Without Fear” is what I call my Little FP Book.