Guy Kawasaki's "DICEE" acronym

I was just searching for a good description of Guy Kawasaki's DICEE acronym --  it stands for Deep, Indulgent, Complete, Elegant, Emotive -- and found it surprisingly hard to find online. So, to help with that problem, here's a brief take on what Mr. Kawasaki's DICEE acronym means, along with a link to his website.

What is "DICEE"?

If you haven't heard of DICEE before, it simply states that a great product should have these qualities:

  • Deep -- it doesn't run out of features right away
  • Indulgent -- a great product is a luxury, it makes you feel special when you use it
  • Complete -- the support system around the product is as good as the product
  • Elegant -- the product has an elegant feel to it
  • Emotive -- a great product compels you to tell other people about it

I could write much more about this DICEE acronym from Guy Kawasaki, but for now, here's a link to a page on Mr. Kawasaki's site, where he describes all of this very well:


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