LaTeX description list - How to create a list of descriptions in LaTeX

Here is the code I use to create a list of descriptions in LaTeX. In this example, I'm creating three descriptions that deal with the subject of Six Sigma. (My apologies to Greg Brue for the blatent copy/paste action here. I was just trying to find a simple example, and his book was the first I found.)

  \item[DPMO] \mbox{}\\ Defects per million opportunities.
  \item[Process] \mbox{}\\ Any repetitive action.
  \item[Defect] \mbox{}\\ A measurable characteristic of the process or its output that is not within the acceptable customer limits.

The use of the mbox tag lets me easily put the description content on the line following the word/phrase/acronym that I'm defining.

Note: I was just looking through some old examples, and I see that I can also use the keyword deflist instead of description. The rest of the syntax between the two examples is the same.