Linux find: How to search multiple directories with find

Problem: You need to use the Unix/Linux find command to search multiple folders. Specifically, you'd like to search several folders beneath your current location, but not all folders.

For example, your current directory may have 20 subdirectories, and you don’t want to search them all like this:

find . -name "*.java"

or this:

find * -name "*.java"


To search multiple subdirectories with the find command, but not all of them, specify their names at the beginning of the find command. For instance, if you want to search two folders named foo and bar for all "*.java" files, use this command:

find foo bar -name "*.java"

And if you want to search three folders named foo, bar, and baz for all "*.rb" files, use this command:

find foo bar baz -name "*.rb"

Hi...Its too good info for the beginnners..keep posting advances concepts....


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