LaTeX examples - my super test file

This is a collection of LaTeX example tags. I'm in the process of creating one super-LaTeX example file to show how to do many things with LaTeX that work with both pdflatex and latex2html, and this is part of that super-file.

In the example content below I'm showing:

  • How to include HTML-only content.
  • How to include LaTeX-only content.
  • How to include source code from a file (or anything else that you want to include from a separate file, verbatim.)

My current LaTeX examples

% some preamble stuff up here ...


% this html stuff works with l2h
\htmladdnormallink{DevDaily Home Page}{}

% include this image only in the html version of this content
  <img border="0" src="../bench2.gif">

Try some conditional text below here:

  This is some latex-only text.\\
  It should appear in a PDF but not in my html docs.\\

% include the contents of the file right here, verbatim.
A verbatimfile test here: