A Perl extract program

Ever need a program to extract some lines from the middle of a file, say lines 50-500 of a 10,000 line file? Well, I did, so I wrote one in Perl. Here's the code for "extract.pl, which lets me extract lines from a file by specifying the firstLine and lastLine that I want printed from a file:


if ( $#ARGV < 2 )
  print "Usage: extract.pl firstLine lastLine filename\n";
  exit 1;

$start = $ARGV[0];
$stop  = $ARGV[1];
$file  = $ARGV[2];

open (FILE,$file) || die "Can't open file \"$file\".\n";

while (<FILE>)
  if ( $count >= $start  &&  $count <= $stop )



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