Review: Microsoft ergonomic keyboard

I bought a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard a few days ago to try to help with some carpal-tunnel issues. I do like the way it positions my hands and wrists, but why do they have to make the keys so hard to press???

I have pain in my finger joints that is either related to the carpal-tunnel problems, or related to arthritis, and having to hit these keys so hard is just plain dumb (whether you have joint pain or not). If Microsoft ever wonders why Apple is so sexy these days, it has to do with creating complete solutions, and creating an "ergonomic" keyboard with keys you have to pound on is an oxymoron, right??? (If you don't believe me, find one of these keyboards at a store, open the box on a new one, and try to "tap" the spacebar, and see what you think.)

I'm going to beat the crap out of the keys on the this keyboard with something else and see if I can get them to loosen up, but this makes me want to start my own keyboard company. There must be other people my age with similar finger joint pain issues. Or maybe I can get Logitech or Apple to create a complete solution.

My recommendation is that if your only problems are in your wrists this expensive keyboard may be a solution, but if you have pain in your finger joints you're going to want to avoid this keyboard like the plague.