My Drupal website “go-live” checklist

As a short “note to self,” these are most of the steps I took in the last day to get my new Drupal website, A Survival Guide for New Consultants live:

  • Set up the site on the production web server (files, database)
  • Updated the .htaccess file to forward to
  • Updated the sites/default/settings.php file to also refer to
  • Update the "temporary files" setting (admin/settings/file-system)
  • Added the module to throttle login attempts
  • Went to the Drupal status report page (admin/reports/status) and verified there were no problems
  • Added Google Analytics
  • Added Google Webmaster Tools
  • Made the website “mobile friendly” by adding several different stylesheets
  • Enabled caching to improve performance
  • Verified the look and feel with different browsers and different mobile devices

I probably forgot a few things in that list, but as a basic Drupal checklist for going live with a production website, hopefully that’s a good start.