Flutter/Dart: How to write a class constructor with named parameters

As a quick note, this Flutter/Dart example shows a class constructor that uses named parameters:

class Properties {
    int minAnimationDuration;
    int maxAnimationDuration;
    int imageFadeDuration;
    int maxScale;
        this.minAnimationDuration = 4,
        this.maxAnimationDuration = 10,
        this.imageFadeDuration = 5,
        this.maxScale = 2

final props = Properties(
    minAnimationDuration: 4, 
    maxAnimationDuration: 10, 
    imageFadeDuration: 5, 
    maxScale: 2

There may be other ways to create a class constructor with named parameters in Dart, especially when you’re using nullable parameters, but for today, I can confirm that this works for me.