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Geek gifts for Valentine's Day 2010

Geek Valentine's Day gifts 2010: I was going to write a special "Geek gifts for Valentine's Day" article here today, but as I looked around for new gift ideas, I realized that it's so close to the other holidays that not much has changed since then.

The ultimate iPad stand? A 2002 iMac

Under the category of "Steal this invention", for anyone looking for a great product idea, here's what I have today:

I've always wanted an "always on" computer device in the kitchen, so that when I walk into the kitchen, I can tap the device or speak to it, and it comes instantly, just like the lights. Once it's on, I'd like for it to be able to do all the usual things, but primarily I'd like to be able to:

How to delete multiple iPhone photos

iPhone photos FAQ: How do I delete multiple iPhone or iPad photos at one time?

Solution: As my iPhone photo album fills up with more and more photos, I finally looked into how to delete multiple iPhone photos. It turns out that deleting multiple photos is pretty easy -- once you realize the intent of the icon that takes you to the "delete" button -- and I'll walk you through the steps here.

iPad Java support - Funny Apple iPad comment

Many thanks to Tristan and Bob for a great laugh on an Apple Java email thread concerning iPad Java support:

Question - Will the iPad have the great Java support that regular desktops and laptops have, or will we Java developers be SOL, like we are with the iPhone?

Gene Roddenberry, iPad inventor?

Did Gene Roddenberry and other Star Trek designers create iPad-like devices many years ago? No need to say much here, just check out all these "Star Trek iPad" images, and see what you think. First, the iPad as seen by Star Trek - Next Generation designers:

Star Trek iPad device 2

Hmm, no keyboard in that first one. Must have used multi-touch.

No keyboard here either:

Geek gift ideas 2009: BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres

Looking for a great geek gift idea - BuckyBalls! After seeing an ad for "BuckyBalls" on my website, I got curious about what they are. Turns out they are very cool! (I love magnetic toys.)

BuckyBalls are magnetic balls, or as they call them, "BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres." Here's a quick BuckyBalls description from the ThinkGeek website:

Geek gift idea for 2009: Roku + Netflix

I don't know what the "Geek gift of the year" is going to be yet, but the Roku digital video player, in combination with the Netflix streaming video service, is what I hear most people talking about.

Geek gift ideas under $100 (2009 holiday season)

Looking for the perfect geek gift idea for under $100 for the 2009 holiday season? Look no further.

Once again I've gone through hundreds of items and found my personal favorite geek gifts for the 2009 holiday season, this time looking at the "$100 or less" category, and I've collected 12 of them here.

Geek gift ideas under $1,000 (2009 holiday season)

If you're willing to spend up to a thousand dollars or so on your favorite geek, first of all I have to say that's pretty darn generous of you. And second, here are some more geek gift ideas: gifts I'd be happy to receive for this 2009 holiday season.

Geek gifts - the Bose Around-Ear Headphones

One item I forgot to include on any of my "geek gift ideas" holiday shopping lists are the Bose Around-Ear headphones. I spent almost $300 on different headphones and earbuds last year, until I finally bought a set of these headphones earlier in 2009.

Here's what I like about the Bose Around-Ear headphones:

Cool geek gifts - Multicolor LED Panel Lamp

In another Christmas/holiday geek gift idea, ThinkGeek currently has a cool "Multicolor LED Panel Lamp" which I think is pretty cool.

The lamp consists of 27 LED lights, divided into 9 different squares, and the squares slowly fade (randomly, of course) between all the colors in the rainbow. The squares are then combined into a 10" panel that then either stands upright, or can be mounted on a wall.

Droid skins - Skins for the Motorola Droid

Droid skins and covers: Over the last few days I've really been blown away by the accessories that are available in the world for electronic gadgets like MacBook and notebook computers, and cellphones like the iPhone and Motorola Droid. I just spent a little time looking around at various Motorola Droid skins, and there's already a pretty cool collection of Droid skins and covers.

Here's a quick look at the Motorola Droid skin products I've found.

15 geek gifts for under $50 (2009)

Trying to find the perfect geek gift idea for under $50 for the 2009 holiday season, or perhaps a geek birthday? Look no further. I've gone through hundreds of items and found my personal favorite geek gifts for the 2009 holiday season for $50 or less, and collected 15 of them here. (I planned to stop at 12, but couldn't.) I hope you like these geek gift ideas as much as I do. I know I'd be happy to receive any of these gifts over the 2009 holiday season.

Geek gifts 2009: Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Okay, this geek gift idea isn't for me, but if you have a young geek child, it might be a very cool geek gift for them. A friend of mine linked up to this Star Wars "Tauntaun Sleeping Bag" on Facebook, and it immediately made me think of my nephew.

12 geek gift ideas for under $10 (2009 edition)

Holiday geek gift ideas: Need a geek gift idea for under $10? If you're looking for a geek gift idea for a friend for under $10, or are going to an office party and need a $10 gift idea, we're here to help you. In this article we've sifted through hundreds of geek gift ideas to find the best gifts for geeks we can find at less than $10.

12 geek gift ideas for under $20 (2009 edition)

Great geek gift ideas for under $20: Getting ready for a geek birthday, or a holiday office party where you have to by a geek gift for under $20? Or just shopping for a gift for your geek, and trying to find a great geek gift for less than $20?

If so, you've come to the right place. I've gone through hundreds of items and found my personal favorite geek gifts for 2009 for $20 or less, and collected a baker's dozen of them right here.

Geek gift ideas - the LED Binary Clock

If you're looking for a great clock as a gift for your favorite geek, look no further than the LED Binary Clock, or perhaps the Jumbo LED Binary Clock. Both have been around for several years, and make a very clear "I'm a geek" statement. (Who else would own one of these? lol)

Geek gift idea - Tix LED Clock

Geek gift ideas: As part of my ongoing "Geek gift ideas" series, I just wrote about the LED Binary Clock, which I always though was a cool geek gift idea, and now I just saw the TIX LED Clock, which I like just as much. If your geek likes clocks, I like both of these clock gift ideas.