Sencha ExtJS: How do I enable the use of the Enter key in the textfields of a form?

Sencha ExtJS FAQ: How do I enable the use of the [Enter] key in a form textfield?

To let users hit the [Enter] key to submit a Sencha ExtJS form, I followed the example from the excellent book, Mastering ExtJS. First, I add this code to the this.control block of my form controller:

// in the controller "this.control" block
'researchLinkForm textfield': {
    specialkey: this.onTextfieldSpecialKey

Then I add this function in the same controller:

// handle 'Enter' key in textfields of the form.
// not really useful on this form, but i wanted to test it.
onTextfieldSpecialKey: function(field, event, options) {
    if (event.getKey() == event.ENTER) {
        var saveBtn = field.up('researchLinkForm').down('button#save');
        saveBtn.fireEvent('click', saveBtn, event, options);

As you might guess from looking at that code, my form is named ResearchLinkForm, and the name of the itemId and iconCls of the form submit button is save. (You may be able to use submit instead of save, I don’t know, I didn’t try that, and just thought of it.)

The “secret sauce” of this recipe is knowing about the Sencha specialkey event, and then knowing how to work with your form once you’ve captured that event.