How do I show Linux disk space information?

Linux FAQ: How do I show Linux disk space information? (Also stated as, "What is the Linux disk space command?")

Answer: You show Linux disk space information with the Linux df command. I have a more detailed Linux df command example, but in short, I typically use the Linux df command like this, with the -h option:

df -h

The -h option stands for "human readable", and I almost always use that option instead of using the df command by itself.

On a very simple Linux server that I use, the output of this df -h command looks like this:

Filesystem   Size  Used  Avail  Use%  Mounted on
/dev/vzfs    10G   5.6G  4.5G   56%   /

Again, for a little more information, visit our Linux df command example tutorial, or visit our online version of the df command man page.