A free vim tutorial - vimtutor

vim FAQ: Can you recommend a good vim tutorial?

Need help learning how to use the vi or vim editor? How about an interactive vim tutorial? Wouldn't that be great?

Many people don't know it, but if you have the vim editor installed on your Unix or Linux system, you probably have a built in vim tutorial right there at the command line.

vimtutor - a built in, interactive vim tutorial

To access your built-in vim tutorial, just type vimtutor at the command line, like this:

$ vimtutor

and you'll be ready to start something of an interactive vim tutorial on your own system.

Here's what the vim tutorial (vim tutor) looks like when I start it on my Mac OS X system:

vimtutor - a vi / vim interactive tutorial

Just follow the on-screen instructions to learn vim in an interactive manner. The tutorial will walk you through all sorts of vi and vim editor commands, including commands on how to navigate the system, insert text, delete text, and much more.

I'm afraid you won't need any of my vi tutorials after using this great built-in tool, lol, but the vimtutor is really a great way to learn how to use the vim editor.