The MacOS launchd plist format

MacOS launchd plist FAQ: Can you share some MacOS launchd/launchctl plist file format examples?

I started to write a long tutorial on the MacOS launchd plist format, but I think an easier way (for me) is to point you to a couple of references that explain the launchd plist format fairly well.

1) launchd plist StartInterval and StartCalendarInterval format

First, if you're just interested in the usual questions about the launchd StartInterval and StartCalendarInterval format, just check out my launchd plist StartInterval and StartCalendarInterval examples. They show the general format of each key, as well as specific examples of the StartInterval and StartCalendarInterval keys.

2) launchd plist examples

Second, if you're looking for several little Mac OS X launchd plist examples to get you started, that link should do the trick.

3) Using Mac OS X launchd instead of crontab

Third, if you just want to see how to use launchd because you've been told to use it instead of crontab, here's a link to my Using Mac OS X launchd instead of cron/crontab tutorial.

4) The launchd plist file format (man page)

Finally, for the nitty-gritty format details on all the launchd plist keys, you can use in a launchd plist file, here's a link to Apple's launchd plist man page.


If you're interested in learning about the Mac OS X launchd plist format, those are the best links I know (not that I'm exactly impartial about this, lol).

If you have any questions about the launchd plist format, just leave a comment on one of my articles, and I'll be glad to try to help.