MacOS Finder: How to delete files using keyboard keys

MacOS Finder FAQ: How can I delete a file or directory in the Mac Finder using the keyboard (i.e., a keyboard keystroke)?

By now you’ve probably figured out that you can’t just delete a file in the Mac Finder using the [delete] key. The solution:

  1. Select the files and/or folders you want to delete in the Finder, then
  2. Press the [command][delete] keyboard keys at the same time.

Your files should disappear from the Mac Finder, and assuming you have your volume turned on, you’ll hear the familiar crunching noise of the files going into the Trash.



With [cmd][shift][del] to empty trash.


How can I set up a shortcut to delete a file by hitting DELETE?

I've just migrated from winXP to Mac OS X 10.6, and I like it.
But I miss the windows behaviour, where you just click on a file icon
and hit the DELETE-button, to delete it. I don't like to use CMD + BACKSPACE on the Mac.

What I've tried so far:
I've tried system preferences > keybord > custom shortcuts > Finder
It allows the delete key only in combination with a second key (e.g. CTRL).

Any hints?

cheers uwe

It looks like you've looked in the right place. I've never done this, and my first recommendation is that if you're going to use a Mac, it's best to learn the Mac way, but to answer your question, utilities like these might work (though I've never tried them):

It's true, I'm doin' it the mac way, now. The reason is simple: If I give the DEL key the power to delete the current file, I can no longer use it, to delete chars, while renaming a file. It always ends in the file beeing deleted.


We expect different behavior from key strokes in different settings. If I'm editing a file name I expect delete to remove letters. If I've just selected the file, I can't see any reason why it shouldn't trash the file.

I know there's always a chorus of 'Just learn the Mac way - CMD + DEL'. Personally I don't care what about Mac way/ Win way. Like most peopl, most of the time I have one hand on the mouse and one of the keyboard. To DEL a file I have to temporarily let go of the mouse and use both hands on the keyboard to perform a simple, common task.

I think that's just not smart.

Anyway, justsaying.