Fringe and The Friends of Mr. Cairo (Jon and Vangelis)

One on one to talk to you
Like film stars they get close to you

You’ve mirrored his appeal

He wants you so
He wants to be beside you

Then you pass by
Giving him the other side of you
Like the mystics do
So that every time he moves
He moves for you

Soul light can always see
The meeting of true love and she
This silent night and I
I guess a lonely mind might see
I’ve seen love on the screen
I’ve seen a screen goddess and me
Oh ...

How often this
How often this power of you

And so
I must confess
Whatever I see
I’m meant to be there with you
With you

I heard portions of this song while watching a Fringe episode last night, and thought it sounded really beautiful. From The Friends of Mr. Cairo, by Jon & Vangelis.