My biggest personal mistake

I’ve been thinking lately that my biggest personal mistake is not finding a realtor in Colorado to find a small house for me, maybe back in 2013-14 or so.

That being said, I started going unconscious at that time (syncope) and had no idea if I was going to live, because doctors had no idea then that I had a rare blood disease. So in my defense, I didn’t know if I would die one of the nine times I passed out, or the four times I had “fake heart attacks” — blood flow reduced to my heart because of the blood disease (allergic angina, also known as Kounis Syndrome).

What I did instead was “loan” money to one of my sisters so she could buy a house, and now Zillow says her house is worth twice what she paid for it, so that worked out well for her.

I also spent all my savings on my mother’s caregiving expenses, and this combination of reasons is why I don’t live in Colorado anymore. (At the time of this writing, you can now find me in Kentucky.)