Seven Years, by Sully Erna (of Godsmack)

Here are some of the lyrics from one last Sully Erna song today, this one named Seven Years:

If there was no tomorrow
Would you still remain the same?
Or live your life so shallow
And take it for granted everyday?

So take away tomorrow
And tell me again why we blame
Why we waste all our time
When time may not wait another day

So again, years go by
So many tears I cried

Now that we’re through
I’ll still honor you
And harmlessly swallow my pride

It’s time to fall away
It’s time to separate
And maybe we’ll be alright
Seven years gone by

For seven years
I’ve tried to make it
But how long can I take it
It’s time to fly
Seven years gone by

If there was no tomorrow
Would you still retain all your hate?
Or live your life with no one to spite
And free your spirit again