Many thanks to Mr. Munoz

During one start in my high school baseball career I decided to use a windup like Steve Rogers, as shown in this YouTube video. I found that with this windup I couldn’t throw as hard as I normally did, but with that arm angle I had better movement on my fastball, which was sinking a little bit.

My dad hadn’t been to any of my games in a while, but he came to this one, and after a while he started yelling, “C’mon, throw the ball,” meaning that I should throw it harder. That pissed me off in part because our relationship was strained, and also because he hadn’t been to any games, so why should he care?

After he said it again, a very nice man in the stands named Mr. Munoz told him to be quiet, that I knew what I was doing. After all, the other team hadn’t scored, had they? After that my dad stayed quiet. I don’t know Mr. Munoz’ first name, but his son Oscar was really nice and a great baseball player, and as I thought of this today I just wanted to thank Mr. Munoz for that day.