Two loving notes from my grandfather to his wife (a dream)

During a dream this morning, I was going off to college and my wife’s grandparents gave us a stack of papers, thinking I could use them at school. The papers were all like plain printing paper, and most were clean, but some of them had things written or printed on the back side. They were big on using everything, so the implication was that I could use the blank side for my needs.

When I flipped one of the pages over I saw that there was writing in my grandfather’s handwriting. It was like a diary page, with today’s date on it (with a different year), and it had two notes about his wife. The first was, “Take care of you Dilly,” meaning that he would take care of her. The second was, “Seriously, I think that was the best meal you have ever made.”

~ February 16, 2021