Two notes from meditating this morning (Feb.11, 2021)

As a note to self, while I was doing a Shinzen Young style “noting” meditating this morning (Feb. 11, 2021), I felt pressure on the right side of my head. It was like if you have a sinus infection or had some dental work, and the right side of your face has that pressure. Meanwhile, the left side of my face/head felt perfectly clear. So in addition to noting “rest” and “hear,” I started noting “pressure.” The more I focused on the pressure, it eventually went away.

Another thought from this morning is that many thoughts come and go during meditation, but some of them are particularly sticky. You try to let them come and go, but they’re like flypaper or something — ridiculously sticky. I felt like a cat who gets tape on its paw and keeps shaking the paw, but the tape won’t come off. This reminded me of Pema Chodron talking about getting stuck and unstuck, though I can’t remember her exact terminology.