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U.S. budget deficit up 26%, nears $1 trillion

The thing I don’t understand about modern-day republicans is that back in the day they were known as being fiscally conservative, but these days, especially with Trump and McConnell in control, they are racking up insane levels of debt.

I can seeing racking up debt during a time when the economy is down, but racking up debt when unemployment is at all-time lows is like creating enormous credit card debt while you have a huge income, i.e., you create credit card debt that exceeds your income, no matter how high your income is. It makes no sense, and it puts a horrible burden on the future United States economy.

For more information, see this Washington Post story.

Quotes from Trump and the Dalai Lama

Just days after two domestic terror attacks, here are two quotes I saw today:

Donald Trump: “There is great anger in our Country caused in part by inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news. The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly. That will do much to put out the flame...”

Dalai Lama: “Violence derives from anger and anger clouds our ability to think straight and properly assess what is happening. Anger in turn is related to fear and anxiety. What we need to learn is how to cultivate the positive emotions that counter destructive emotions like anger and fear. Compassion, for example, brings self-confidence and the ability to act transparently. It strengthens trust which is the ground for friendship.”

A bad Toyota RAV4 quality experience

Okay, sorry for this rant, but I have had a very bad experience with Toyota regarding my 2006 Toyota RAV4, and I'm upset about it.

My rant is short: The RAV4 I currently own was my first Toyota purchase, the overall experience has been very poor, and I've just spent three days trying to get this latest RAV4 problem resolved. Toyota acknowledges this problem is a design flaw, but now it turns out that Toyota's "customer care" people don't actually care.

Hey Toyota, recall my 2006 RAV4

All the Toyota recall news lately remind me of the problem I've had with a klunking noise in the steering column of my 2006 Toyota RAV4, which leads me to wonder: Hey Toyota, where's my RAV4 recall?

Gallstones diet - feeling lightheaded and dizzy

As a quick followup to my earlier gallstones diet advice article, after I lost a lot of weight recently — 38 pounds in less than 12 weeks — I started suffering from long boughts of feeling light-headed and dizzy, almost like I was drunk, with the room spinning around me. Thinking I might be dehydrated, I started drinking a lot of fluids, but that only helped a little bit, barely enough to keep me from another trip to the ER.

Win a copy of Introducing HTML5 (free)

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Founded in 1998, has over 2,000 online tutorials, and receives millions of page views every year.

In 2011 I'm giving away more prizes than ever before. This month I'm giving away two copies of a terrific and extremely popular book, Introducing HTML5.

Boulder, Colorado computer programming consultant

Just a quick note here that I've just moved to Broomfield, Colorado, and I've brought my computer programming consulting services (Valley Programming) with me.

So, if you're looking for a Java computer programmer in the Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, and Broomfield, Colorado areas, give me a call. All initial consultations are free, and if I know how to do something I'll let you know, and if I don't, I'll let you know that also.

Win a $50 gift card for Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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Background: Founded way back in 1998, has over 2,000 online tutorials, and receives millions of page views every year, and in 2011 I'm giving away more prizes than ever before.

For December, instead of giving away the usual book, I'm giving away something we can all use: A $50 OR Barnes & Noble gift card.

New eBook - How I Sold My Business: A Personal Diary

March 5, 2012: I just released my first book, an eBook named “How I Sold My Business: A Personal Diary.” As the name implies, the book tells the story of how I sold my small computer programming company, in a diary format.

The book is currently available for the Kindle through If all goes well it will soon be available at Barnes & Noble and the Apple iBookstore.