Wow, these liquid substances are really expensive

After doing some shopping today, it really hit me how out-of-whack expensive some things are in the world today, especially when you put them in comparison to other products.

To that end, I compiled a short list of "liquid" items, and did the math (normalization) so we can compare everything at the same level -- in this case, the "one gallon" mark.

Here then are the costs of one gallon of various liquid items:

Product Price for 1 gallon
Printer cartridge toner (average) $8,064.00
Patron tequila $260.00
Children's Advil $249.00
Vick's Nyquil $96.00
An "okay" bottle of wine $55.00
Evian water $27.00
Tide laundry soap $25.60
A bottle of water from Whole Foods $15.90
Regular Starbucks coffee $14.80
Milk $4.00
Coca-Cola $2.84
Gasoline $2.59

The research

Unfortunately I accidentally deleted most of my actual numbers, but off the top of my head, these are the values I can remember:

  • I determined the printer cartridge toner cost from several online prices, and used an average of $63 per ounce.
  • The last time I looked, Patron was $52 for 750 ml.
  • I looked up the Advil and Nyquil prices online.
  • For the "okay" bottle of wine I assumed a $10 bottle.
  • I looked up the Evian online ... I've never actually had any.
  • The Starbucks coffee assumed roughly $1.90 for a Grande coffee.
  • Milk, gasoline, and Coca-cola prices came from recent purchases.
  • The Coca-Cola price came from a recent 2-liter purchase.


Do you know any liquids we should add to this list? If so, add them to the comments section below, and we'll update the table.