No more pop-under ads

One of my 2009/2010 New Year's resolutions was to do what I just did: Turn off the pop-under ads on this website.

In my defense for keeping those ads for so long, there are two reasons for keeping those ads here for so long. First, even though this website is now the 30,000th most popular website on the planet (according to Alexa), there still isn't much revenue coming in. Trying to make money off of ad revenue alone is a tough business, and I can totally understand where a site like Wikipedia does their fund-raising work every year. Nobody in their right mind really wants ads on a website, especially annoying pop-under ads, but you sometimes do what you have to do to make money.

My second reason for keeping those ads was that they have historically counted for a high percentage of the total ad revenue on this site. Because they are extremely annoying, people pay a lot of money to put them on your site.

Adios pop-under ads

But in the end, my hope is to make this a great website, and I know you can't say "great website" and "pop-under ads" in the same sentence -- at least without adding a negation in there -- so those annoying ads are turned off, adios ... kaput.

In the short-term I'll take a financial beating, but I believe it's worth it in the long-term, and I sincerely hope this makes a more pleasant reading experience for you.