2018 Colorado election: Judges - Democrat or Republican

I just filled out my ballot for the 2018 Colorado election, and the part about voting for judges is a little weird. One of the weird parts about the ballot is that you can’t tell if a judge is a Democrat (what the Colorado ballot refers to as Democratic) or Republican. True, judges are supposed to be independent, but all of these judges were appointed by a Democrat or Republican politician.

So, if it helps anyone else, these are the judges that were on my ballot, and I show whether they were appointed by a Democratic or Republican politician:

  • Justice Richard L. Gabriel, Colorado Supreme Court - Democrat
  • Judge John Daniel Dailey - Republican
  • Judge Rebecca Rankin Freyre - Democrat
  • Judge Elizabeth L. Harris - Democrat
  • Judge David J. Richman - Democrat
  • Judge Jaclyn Brown - Democrat
  • Judge Sharon D. Holbrook - Democrat
  • Judge Edward Moss - Republican (I think he was appointed by a Republican because Colorado had a Republican governor in 2004, when he was first appointed)
  • Judge Donald S. Quick - Democrat
  • Judge Amy Elizabeth Bockman - Republican

I found that the best way to find out if the judges were appointed by a Democrat or Republican is on a website called ballotpedia.org. For instance, here’s a link to their page on Justice Richard Gabriel. You can easily see that he was appointed by Colorado Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper in 2015.