Phrases to use instead of “foo bar baz”

As I get close to releasing the Second Edition of the Scala Cookbook, I’m trying to use the “foo bar baz” phrase less often, and trying to find better and more meaningful phrases. Thanks to Arrow and The Flash, one phrase I’m using is “Big Belly Burger.”

If you know any great phrases to use to help rid the world of “foo bar baz,” let me know here on Twitter. Here are a few I just looked up:

bond, james bond 
clear eyes full hearts can’t lose (friday night fights)
elementary, my dear Watson 
fasten your seatbelts 
frankly my dear 
gonna need a bigger boat 
hasta la vista (baby)
here’s looking at you kid
I see dead people 
just keep swimming
make my day
no crying in baseball 
not in kansas any more 
of all the gin joints 
open the pod bay doors, HAL 
pass the beernuts (Cheers)
play it again sam
show me the money
shaken, not stirred
Soylent Green is people 
the walking dead 
too much fruit (in the house)
who’s on first?
why so serious?
you talking to me? 
you’ll thank me later
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Phrases to use instead of 'foo bar baz'