Jeff Bezos on what makes Amazon different

This is a good quote from Jeff Bezos on what makes Amazon different from other companies. I would add (a) they have a smart leader, (b) they seem less interested in corporate bureacracy and CYA than in getting things done, and (c) somehow Mr. Bezos has gotten away with rarely generating a profit in all the years Amazon has been in business.

Not many people can get away with the third item, and that’s a powerful weapon for him. As an example of this, Yahoo has generated a profit for years, but they’re currently talking about selling off Yahoo in parts because it has no growth potential. So as a part of Item C, it may be that Mr. Bezos gets away without generating a profit because Amazon is growing and is always future-looking, which is a part of his quote.

This image comes from the book, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.

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