Never Bet Against Occam (a book on mast cell activation disease)

When I began reading the book, Never Bet Against Occam, I told my doctors that it was like reading my biography. At the very least it read like the biography of my last few years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, trying to find out why I kept getting very sick and passing out, and why my lab results were jumping around like a rabbit, first showing signs of one illness and then another.

I just noticed that another reviewer wrote, “The book was like a romance novel that I could not put down!” I won’t call it a romance novel, but I know that once I started reading it, I didn’t put it down either. I was smiling at the stories I related to, and also wondered, “Why don’t my doctors know about mastocytosis and mast cell activation disease?”

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Never Bet Against Occam - Mast cell activation disease