Outstanding shares of Apple (AAPL)

Without doing some research I don’t know when we’ll learn how many shares of their stock Apple, Inc. (AAPL) bought back during this last fiscal quarter, but it looks like they will have bought back about one billion shares of their stock since 2013. (The last data point on this graph from ycharts.com was July 10, 2015.)

The current buyback amount is roughly 13.9% of the shares that were outstanding in 2013, so even if the company performance was flat, AAPL should have risen by that amount during this time. So, no surprise, their EPS has risen quite a bit, as shown on AAPL’s EPS history on ycharts.com. (Be careful to compare Q1-2013 to Q1-2105, Q2-2013 to Q2-2105, etc., on that graph. When you do that you’ll see how their EPS has risen.)

During this time, AAPL’s adjusted stock price has nearly doubled, from a low around $57 in 2013 to a value of about $114 right now. (Whether or not the stock has doubled depends on which date you choose to look at in 2013.)

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